Here’s where to get in touch

Don’t forget, you can catch up with me on Twitter and Facebook too.

If you would like to say “hello” or just find out what I’m up to, drop me a line. I usually check my email daily, and try to answer all of them before the sun sets. My clients do come first though, so if you aren’t one yet, please be patient.

Please note, that if you’re an overseas company or individual offering me your web services, or a “partnership”, either by using software to automatically inundate my email inbox or doing so personally, I’m not interested. Outsourcing my client work, as many of you have asked me to do, turns me into a soulless middleman rather than a freelance professional. My wish is that your groin becomes infested with fire ants, and you perish slowly and painfully.

To everyone else, have a great day!

Comments or questions are welcome.

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