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Most people would more than likely fall into a coma if they sat at a computer for more than five minutes learning and writing HTML, CSS, and the like.¬† I love it…I didn’t think that I would, but I do.

I love it so much, that I spend more hours doing it now than I do sleeping and working at my “real job” combined!¬†I’ve decided that I’m going to do this web design and development stuff every single available hour that I can.¬†This is what I love, and I’ll do it whether fame, acclaim, or funds follow or not.

It came late to me, this love and passion for web design.¬†I thought I might be a musician, or an actor, or something.¬†As it happened, I ended up a restaurant guy. To some extent, I get to “entertain” people every day, and I don’t go “on stage” until evening.¬†Some days though, I feel like Elvis…and not the svelte, energetic, rock ‘n’ roll dynamo Elvis, but the slovenly, post-Vegas, bloated, “I can’t believe I feel so crappy” Elvis. It’s not that there aren’t a ton of things about the restaurant business that I still¬† love, it’s just that there are more and more things about it that make it difficult to twist on a smile and spark an electrifying persona every night.

“…we were friends first.”

Web development doesn’t feel that way to me.¬†I suppose twenty years of it might change my mind, but it seems pretty unlikely.¬†The reason I doubt that I could ever tire of it, is that it started as a hobby. Like I said, I didn’t expect that I would get to enjoy it so much, but it’s become like an addiction.

It’s like my relationship with my wife.¬†Our marriage sustains because, I think, we were friends first.¬†We enjoyed one another’s company long before the kids came along, or there was a mortgage to worry about, or the lawn needed mowing…getting married certainly changed our relationship by adding the mechanics of running a family, but not our feelings. We’re still quite in love.

This is how I see myself with web design. I loved it before it had to put food on the table, so whenever it does provide a meal, I just love it more.

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