An education revolution


My own education in everything “web” was done at my computer, alone. There was no class that I attended, or college text books that I read through. Learning online isn’t a revolutionary idea, but it did end up being the best way for me to arrive where I have with it.

I learned it all by trial and error, and online tutorials. It took some time, but I got there because I was passionate about it, and given my age, there was no one to tell me that I couldn’t or shouldn’t pursue it. As it turns out, learning the world of web the way I did was the best method. That conclusion came by reading the blogs of a ton of other people in the business who studied formally and discovered that once they graduated, they were two or more years behind the rest of the planet. The web just moves too fast for text books.

Sir Ken Robinson is a great speaker, and not just because he’s entertaining, but because he’s right. We need to nurture our children’s dreams and creativity, so that they might one day live their passion in their everyday working lives. Putting a stop to “batching” people the way we currently do would help a great deal as well.

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