Computers are here to stay — a beginner’s guide to using this newfangled technology


Every technology has its curve of acceptance. The television, for example is long past its sojourn through the diffusion of innovation so that it now has a 100% market share. Computers, on the other hand, are still trudging through this process. If you are going to finally join the planet, please read this short guide.

Though televisions were not commercially available until the third decade of the 20th century, eighty years later in this century, we’ve all got at least one. When asking a friend, colleague, or acquaintance if they’ve seen the latest episode of a particular show, there are several explanations that we expect should the answer be “no”, though we never expect that someone hasn’t seen the latest episode of “Dancing with the Stars” due to not owning a television. The reason is simple — even the laggards have adopted this technology whole-heartedly by now.

Computer use is still in the late majority phase

People are surfing the net on their mobile phones and other devices. Even still, not everyone uses a computer regularly and some folks still don’t even own one. I understand this…I truly do.

What I can’t abide is that too many people continue to be oblivious about rudimentary elements of everyday computer use, even those who adopted the technology five or more years ago.

My friend Ryan and I argue about this from time to time. He thinks I’ve become a web technology snob, and I think people who can butter their own toast should be able to send an e-mail attachment by now. I certainly don’t expect your average Joe to understand what a diacritic eye is when discussing typography, or how to make use of CSS sprites in web development, but if you’ve had your hotmail address since 2001, you should probably know how to send email to more than three people at a timeproperly!

I digress…a future article will discuss e-mail. For now, in doing my part for bringing my friends and family up to speed on this spooky computer technology, my new year’s resolution is to offer a series of rants articles regarding how to use your home computer. Call it “giving back”.

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    Hi Duane,

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