Gary Vaynerchuk breaks it down at FOWA London ’09


Gary Vaynerchuk has a healthy outlook on life.¬† He believes that through any difficulty or strife, the “Big Picture” is all you need to focus on.¬† To him, that big picture should represent the health and well-being of the five to ten people closest to you. There’s a ton of merit in that.

When it comes to business life, specifically, customer service, he further believes that most of us are full of shit.¬† Mostly because we don’t care enough about the five or ten (or millions more depending on who you are) people closest to us. Those important people we call customers.

At this year’s FOWA London ’09 (Future of Web Apps), Gary “goes off” on the crowd in attendance a little bit with a rant that could serve as a swift kick in the ass for anybody with a business of any kind.


Gary Vaynerchuk On The “Thank You Economy” and Customer Service

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  1. Duane says:

    I can watch this a million times and never bore of it.

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